Footage of Hideo Kojima’s next game reportedly leaks online


A leaked video reportedly showing footage from Hideo Kojima’s next project is currently circulating on social media. A title card shown at the end of the video labels it as “A Hideo Kojima Game” with the apparent title of “Overdose”.

The two-and-a-half-minute footage shows an in-game scene with a character who looks a lot like Margaret Qualley – someone fans will recognise from her role as Mama in Kojima’s previous game Death Stranding.

The video looks as if it was originally designed for internal use, as it also features a feed of someone apparently playing the scene. All of this has then been videoed by someone else, off of a very reflective screen which shows the man taping the footage to be lying in bed half-naked. Lovely.

This footage has reportedly been circulating more privately for some time. In June, Try Hard Guides reported on its existence – and the Overdose name – in an article which Kojima Productions then reportedly asked the website to remove.

Overdose seems likely to be the mysterious project which Kojima has publicly confirmed he is now working on in partnership with Microsoft. It’s interesting to note the play tester shown in the footage is playing via a mobile device – which would tie into this using Microsoft’s cloud-based technology.

Earlier this year, Death Stranding star Norman Reedus suggested that a sequel was also now in the works.

Today’s been a big day for Hideo Kojima news, following the release of a new podcast by the Metal Gear Solid creator on Spotify. In it, he discussed his plans for Kojima Productions to remain independent and squashed a number of outstanding rumours, including that he had anything to do with PlayStation 5 vapourware game Abandoned.