Daylight Saving: Four things to do NOW to prepare your home before the clocks go back


People across the country can look forward to an extra hour in bed tonight as the clock s turn back.

In the early hours of the last Sunday of October, the clocks go back one hour. They’re set back by an hour at 2am – so they’ll be changing overnight.

On the last Sunday in March, the clocks go forward by one hour.

This period when the clocks are an hour ahead is known as British Summer Time (BST).

During this time the evenings have more daylight and there’s less in the mornings, hence why it’s also known as Daylight Saving Time.

But when the clocks go back, the UK returns to what is called Greenwich Mean Time.

However, while most people will be aware of the clocks going back, here are several things it’s important to remember to do.

Change your alarm clocks
With the clocks going back, don’t forget to change your alarm clocks.

The majority of televisions and smartphones will do this automatically, however if you have any analogue clocks, you’ll need to change them yourself.

As well as alarm clocks, remember to change any analogue clocks in your car or oven.

Turn the heating on
As the temperature drops, it could be a good time to turn the heating on.

Many think that the day the clocks change is the right time to switch radiators on.

However, if you are considering putting the heating on, there are things you can do to lower costs.

For example, some think it’s more cost effective to have heating on low all day, however it’s proven that this ends up costing more.

It’s also a myth that it is cheaper to use an electric heater; it’s better to switch off all radiators except one in the room you’re using.

Check your timers
If you’ve already got the heating on this autumn, you might need to update your timer.

Otherwise you could find the heating comes on and off at the wrong time of the day – which will be a waste of money.

It might be a good time to figure out if you need to change the timer so you’re using less heating through the day.

Take stock
The changing of the clocks can be a good time for households to blitz through their to-do list.

That means you’ll be able to check those long term chores off your list.

You might also be able to make a pact with yourself to come up with a new budget, take stock of your saving goals or boost your pension pots. .